Boots Triples Builds Kawasaki H1 500 & H2 750 Triples for The 21st Century

Hi Triple fans,

 I'm Boots Langley.

I've been riding, racing, and now, restoring triples since I bought my first 1973 H1D 500 Brand New.

Today, I can build you a 2014 Kawasaki MACH III 500, H1 500, KH500 or H2 750. What I mean by that is, I build this simple 3 cylinder air pump to better than new condition.

Remember, these bikes were built in the days of 98-102 Octane, Leaded fuel.

If you don't use the proper octane fuel, and try to run hard (ie; in the powerband) on today's 91 Unleaded pump gas, despite make the proper timing and jetting adjustments, and most important, change the cylinder head design, you can still easily melt a hole right down through the dome of your piston(s), just cruising at 80 mph down the freeway.

In the pages that follow, I'll showcase one of the best triples I've ever built, my "UCR" (Ultimate Cafe Racer, seen in the above photo), as well as the Engine Packages I can supply, plus a little on my riding and racing history on triples.

 I hope you enjoy my web site, and if there is anything I can do for you that is triple related, feel free to email me with your parts and information needs.

A bit of Bio is on the following pages;

NEW 2014-15 BootsTriples NEWS BLURB!

Hey triple fans, over the last few years, I've gotten so many requests for information, service and performance tips, that I'm now offering a Consulting Service for Kawasaki Triples. 

I will talk to you personally, Worldwide (via the Computer program SKYPE, if you aren't local San Diego, ca), at a rate of $50/hr.

 In 1/2 hour increments, with a FREE 15 minutes of consulting, for the First Call.

 I'm usually available most days,  in the 4-9PM PST range.

I can also send and receive photos, as well as send text tips, specs, etc, via my email; if you would like to participate in the Consulting Service. That email address is also my PayPal ID.

 You will need PayPal, and must use the SEND MONEY tab, as we speak on the phone. You must click  the "Friends & Family" tab (so i don't get charged to receive the $).

We can then go over your exact bike, and any problems it might have. Once you read a bit about my triple riding restorations and racing history, you should realize I can add a lot to your bike's engine and handling, performance, and improve what is already one of the coolest and most collectible motorcycles of the 70's.

I'm offering this service because you just can't go to your local bike shop, and find anyone who even knows about triples, let alone work on them and diagnose a problem. Now, doing a diagnosis by phone is pretty tough, but with exchange of photos and real time info, I've been able to help many guys get the problem(s) the bikes are having sorted out. Feel free to give me a try.

Hope to hear from you soon. I won't be around forever! ;-)


Boots Langley